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Winters are here. And most people try to catch that winter wedding period to have the best of the time, especially karachiites. If you or anyone in your circle is such a person, then go ahead and find that significant other because we have prepared the list of perfect event planners in Karachi. All you need to do is find love and et voila!

1. Karachi Event Planner

Number one, hands down, is Karachi Event Planner. They know their events. Give them a place and they’ll make the best possible venue out of it. Plus, they can make even an outdoor event survivable for a winter wedding. Just tell your guests to dress up warm.


If they can do a Winter Wonderland theme, rest assured they will definitely be able to manage your winter wedding concept. They will bring grace, beauty, and elegance, if that is the theme you are going for, that is. If not, tell them it’s the Mughalia theme and they will create something out of that too.

3. Event by Structures

We have seen their work first hand and we can assure you, it is something to look forward to. They will prepare just the right dance floor and cover that sealing with vines. The day will surely become memorable for you.

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4. Nizam Events

You can have a normal wedding venue with a carpeted ramp and a sofa set on the stage or you can go to Nizam Events to make the day special; the choice is yours. Be it the chandelier or the ceiling decorations, you can trust them to bring the right taste.

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5. La Celebrators by #ZoreedRaza

Yummy is the term that comes to mind when you look at the image put up by La Celebrators. Can we say they outdo themselves or is it that they are so qualified that every setup automatically becomes Instagram-worthy?

If you are from this city, then the list of event planners in Karachi will be all the help you will need to plan the perfect winter wedding event this season.

And if you are planning it, then, we guess, congratulations are in order!

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