Even 'Doodh Soda' Is Not 'Our' Creation
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We have often regarded Doodh Soda as one of the most prime drinks of Pakistan. When you are walking down a street on a hot summer day, you prefer to have a nice drink to cool off. When it comes to Pakistan, especially in Karachi and Lahore, Doodh Soda is considered the go-to option. Not only does it make a person quench their thirst, it makes them feel quite energetic.

However, it has recently come to light that Doodh Soda, the drink we pride ourselves in, is not even our own creation. Turns out, it has been adapted or inspired from various other cultures. We were not the first ones to come up with it, it has actually been seen in countries around the world! How interesting is that?

Doodh Soda everywhere, not ours
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Doodh Soda Around the World

If we observe closely, we can note that Doodh Soda is certainly a drink that can be seen in other Eastern Countries as well. In Japan, it was introduced as a drink called Caplis. It is made from milk and sugar and is considered quite a delicacy. It involves adding other flavors to milk as well, such as a carbonated drink or something along the lines of fruity flavors.

Similarly, Koreans have often known to mention Milkis. Milkis is also a drink that combines milk with a fizzy drink or carbonated water. That is enough of an indication that it is another version of our Doodh Soda. The name itself can be considered an invention but the drink itself has been used for decades, way before we came upon it.

Doodh Soda our drink
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A Tasty Beverage

While it is true that the drink is found in other countries and among other cultures, it still does not make it any less delicious. It is considered as the best way to beat the heat and no other fizzy drink comes close to it. Not only is it refreshing, it is considered an innovative drink as you don’t only have to make it with 7-Up. It can be made with Pakola, Mountain Dew and some people even prefer having it with Pepsi!

That said, we cannot claim Doodh Soda as our own creation, but we can still claim that we make it the best way. Using Basil Seed in it only enhances the flavor. On this hot day, we remind you to have a glass of Doodh Soda as you read through this article.

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