Over the last few decades, technology has drastically shaped the world around us. Yet, the tech industry is largely seen as a “male industry” across the world.

Pakistan is no different and, according to P@SHA, women represent only 14% of the IT workforce and 13% of IT managers in the industry.

As the issues of women’s rights and gender equality take center stage, socially responsible businesses are now driving actions to create the gender-equal world we all deserve.

To tackle the gender parity issue in the tech industry and create a pipeline of women in tech, Engro Vopak, and Engro Foundation partnered with CIRCLE in 2018.

Under the Tech Karo initiative, Engro has supported the training in tech and life skills, and provided mentoring opportunities, for young girls from the underserved community of Lyari and other parts of the city.

#TECHKARO at a Glance 2018-19

  • In 2019, two training programs were conducted in Web Development and Coding at Usman Institute of Technology and Digital Marketing and Graphic Design at the Lyari Girls Cafe.
  • The program has benefited more than 170 young girls and boys (65% female)
  • Over 50% of the graduates were offered internship and job opportunities
  • 98% of the students said they will contribute towards their household income

Here are some inspiring stories of Tech Karo graduates to celebrate their achievements and showcase how they are changing perceptions around the tech industry: