On platform X, formerly known as Twitter, an Indian man Siddharth has brought light to a very important issue employees face in working environments. The culture of being like an uncle, or being like a brother, has consumed Indian offices and is causing people to be stuck in the same job position for years. Why? Because these said ” family ” titles make it extremely difficult to navigate the office environment without seeming rude, or difficult to work with.

Siddharth shared on his account, the story of his cousin’s employment: after leaving an underpaid job he was manipulated with narratives like you’re my “brother.” This pushed Siddharth to talk about the prevalent issue of manipulation in offices. These sorts of relationships, when created in the work environment, then leave no room to be professional.

To the matter, Siddharth commented, if he’s so dear to you if he’s your brother, why do you hesitate in making him partner?

It is a common practice to exploit workers. Moreover, they can then also use it as a method to not hike prices; even make employees work overtime without paying accordingly.

Siddharth’s Personal Experience As an Employee

In the Platform X thread, he continued that he had some similar experiences too. When signing a contract, the partner declared, “We are like brothers’ now.” However, he was quick to notice the “family” trap and set boundaries there and then.

In the end, he stated that maintaining professionalism is the utmost important thing in work environments. The more professional you are, the higher you’ll climb the corporation ladder.

The thread was a great success, as many more employees began to flood their experiences below. Unfortunately, so many more people had gone through the same thing.

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