Emirates Refuses Full Refunds On Cancelled Flights

Source: Emirates

Emirates grounded its fleet on Wednesday after the UAE closed down the country’s airports in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused most countries to closed down their borders. This decision has left passengers, stuck in different countries stranded without a commute option.

According to the EU regulations, any airline that would cancel a flight should provide a full cash refund within a week. However, the Dubai based carrier has asked customers to accept vouchers that can be repayable in a year. Emirates has also asked passengers wanting a refund to pay a cancellation fee which has caused an outrage amongst the customers!

Image source: Emirates

The airline believes it will take them much longer to process so many refunds and encourages the customers to opt for the travel vouchers instead. However, this news has angered people who have been waiting for refunds from Emirates especially since other airlines have given passengers the refund option.

A spokesperson for Emirates has said:

Customers can opt for travel vouchers which can be easily processed on our website. These vouchers can be used against future Emirates flights within 12 months. If vouchers are not utilised after 12 months, they can still be brought to us for refunds.”

A quick search on Twitter with ’emirates refund’ will yield a plethora of tweets from 100’s of disgruntled customers asking for a full refund and bashing the airlines for poor customer service.

This customer states that they have been asked to pay an extra 900 Euros to cancel an already cancelled flight!

A passenger has been asked to pay $550 for the cancellation instead of being given a refund.

While some had future flights cancelled, there are many who have been stranded in other countries unable to go home.

Some customers conduct a full research and have brought forward the Emirates Carriage Article listed on their website.

It seems like Emirates not agreeing to refund the amounts for flights cancelled could very possibly lead to the airline loosing many loyal customers.

Emirates personnel are working towards providing a solution that is suitable to all. The airline however, has come up with an alternative which is customers can choose to keep the basic booking and then use it at any time for a similar routing within two years – regardless of high-season charges.

A spokesperson further mentioned,

“We will accept the fare you paid for any flight at any time within this period.”

Are you one of those who has had a cancelled flight due to COVID-19? Share your experience in the comments below.