Emirates Announces Cabin Crew Hiring Plans In Islamabad And Karachi
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Dubai’s Emirates Group has recently unveiled an ambitious recruitment drive to hire professionals in various fields for its subsidiaries, Emirates Airline and dnata. With the imminent arrival of a new fleet of aircraft, the group is actively seeking to fill positions such as pilots, cabin crew, IT professionals, engineers, and customer services staff.

Expanding Workforce

In the past two years, the Emirates Group has been aggressively hiring, adding 17,160 employees during the 2022-23 financial year alone. As a result, the total workforce has now surpassed 102,000 employees as of March 31, 2023.

Emirates Airline’s Fleet Expansion

Emirates Airline, Dubai’s flagship carrier, is preparing to receive a new fleet of Airbus A350s and Boeing 777-Xs, necessitating the recruitment of a young and dynamic cabin crew. To meet this demand, Emirates is organizing open days and invite-only events across six continents, covering hundreds of cities worldwide throughout the year. The recruitment process is designed to be completed within a day, with candidates being contacted within 48 hours of assessment.

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Global Recruitment Efforts

Emirates is holding walk-in interviews in over two dozen cities in GCC countries, Pakistan, Africa, and Latin America in July alone. The airline boasts a diverse workforce, representing over 140 nationalities and speaking approximately 130 languages. This international perspective ensures that passengers from all over the world feel welcomed and understood.

Open Days and Eligibility

Interested candidates are invited to attend open days without submitting an application beforehand. However, it is advisable to review the requirements and arrive at the open day venue on time for registration. The Emirates website provides a comprehensive list of dates and cities where open days will take place.

  • July 10, Tunis
  • July 11, Beirut
  • July 12, Cape Town
  • July 14, Singapore City
  • July 14, Port Elizabeth
  • July 15, Sao Paulo
  • July 15, Muscat
  • July 16, Sao Paulo
  • July 16, Amman
  • July 16, Durban
  • July 17, Kuala Lumpur
  • July 18, Johannesburg
  • July 21, Casablanca
  • July 22, Minsk
  • July 22, Kuwait City
  • July 23, Rabat
  • July 23, Jeddah
  • July 25, Fez
  • July 25, Riyadh
  • July 26, Istanbul
  • July 27, Buenos Aires
  • July 27, Tashkent
  • July 28, Algiers
  • July 30, Ankara
  • July 31, Pretoria
  • July 31, Ho Chi Minh City
  • August 2, Karachi
  • August 27, Marrakesh
  • August 30, Islamabad
  • August 30, Bloemfontein

Eligibility criteria for cabin crew positions include fluency in written and spoken English, with knowledge of additional languages being advantageous. Candidates must be at least 160cm tall, able to reach a height of 212cm, and meet the UAE’s employment visa requirements. One year of hospitality or customer service experience and a minimum high school education are also required. Visible tattoos while in uniform are not permitted.

Salary and Benefits

Cabin crew members at Emirates receive a competitive salary package, including a basic monthly salary of Dh4,430 and additional flying pay of Dh63.75 per hour. On average, crew members accumulate 80-100 flying hours per month, resulting in an average total salary of Dh10,170. Accommodation and transport to and from the airport are provided, ensuring a comfortable and convenient working environment.

Global Recruitment Process

Emirates offers various application processes based on the location. While some cities require attendance at open days, online applications are available for others. Collaboration with appointed agencies and regular recruitment events in Dubai further facilitate the hiring process.

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Dubai’s Emirates Group’s extensive recruitment drive demonstrates its commitment to growth and excellence in the aviation industry. By seeking talented professionals from around the world, the group aims to maintain its position as a global leader and provide passengers with unparalleled service. Aspiring individuals have a unique opportunity to join Emirates and contribute to its ongoing success story.

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