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Imagine this: you arrive at your car after a soothing massage only to discover that you are locked out, maybe we can’t relate to the first part, but being locked out of your car is something we all can relate to, specially in Pakistan. Mrs. Danielle, a Tesla owner, experienced this firsthand when her phone’s low battery left her stuck and prevented her from accessing her digital key through the Tesla Feature app. Her smart card, which served as a backup means of entrance, was unusable inside the locked automobile. Danielle’s situation draws attention to a significant pain point for contemporary customers in a world where technology is becoming more and more embedded into our daily lives.

Unlocking your Tesla
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The Tweet That Started It All

Frustrated, Danielle took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share her experience:

She ended up asking Elon Musk a simple question, about why with all of the Tesla feature, she can’t unlock her car using her smart-watch which is on her person. Musk‘s direct response of a simple “Yes” caused a stir in the tech world and raised the prospect of a time when our watches do more than just measure our steps; they also unlock our adventures!

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The Critique and the Culture Shift

Danielle could have just carried her smart card, as critics quickly pointed out, but her answer was indicative of a shift in culture: In 2024, many people consider the typical purse to be obsolete. When our smartphones can store everything, why carry extra? Mrs. Danielle’s experience is more than simply a lockout; it’s a reflection of how tech-savvy customers’ expectations are changing as technology advances.

While some were busy making the obvious statement of her not carrying the card, others were explaining how its not as simple to simply make an app to unlock a car. User @RoRoVerus, who claims to be a developer, pointed out in one of the replies and had this to say:

He then went into detail about the complexities of making this app function on your smart-phone as opposed to your smart-phone.

The Anticipation Builds

Fans and tech aficionados are excited about the possibility of using an Apple Watch to unlock a Tesla. This seamless Tesla feature, although smart technology has long been integrated into cars, could open up new possibilities for accessibility and convenience.

Who know’s what’s to come next? Maybe we’ll see people asking for ways to unlock lavatories using their smart-watches, or asking a cab-hailing services to book them a vehicle all from the touch of their watch. Although it would be embarrassing to being not able to go to the bathroom, only because your peripherals died on you.

Stay tuned for more tech news like these; this is your soon-to-be favorite friendly neighborhood techie Zayaan, Signing Off!