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Sharjeel Memon, the Sindh Minister for Information, Transport, and Mass Transit, declared that an up-to-date, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly electric taxi service will soon be introduced in Karachi and expanded to other significant cities around the province. After touring the under-construction Bus Rapid Transport Red Line project, which was launched with the assistance of the Asian Development Bank, here on Sunday, the minister made this revelation to the media.

An effort to improve the transportation crisis in Karachi

He said that the city’s current online cab firms were charging extremely exorbitant rates. He stated that the Sindh government was working to offer citizens affordable taxi service and that the Pakistan People’s Party leadership had instructed to speed up the pace of work on all ongoing public transportation projects in Karachi in order to address the city’s long-standing transportation issue. He said that the city has seen the inauguration of public transportation projects costing billions of dollars. To expand the number of buses in the city and upgrade the transportation system, the Sindh Mass Transit Authority worked day and night.

An initiative to sustainability?

In this context, work will shortly begin on the first biogas factory in Pakistan. He claimed that Sindh has the distinction of launching Pakistan’s first electric bus service and that construction is already underway on a BRT red line that will operate on environmentally friendly biogas.

The electric taxis are coming with the hope of cheaper fares since fuel is skyrocketing at the moment along with the reduction of air and noise pollution which enveloped the city of Karachi. Also, it will be interesting to see how well these projects are maintained and whether they deliver what they promise?

He claimed that the Orange Line and People’s Bus Services had been launched by the Sindh Transport Department. The city’s official electric bus service will soon begin operating. The BRT Yellow Line project, which has the assistance of the World Bank, was nearing completion and that construction will soon begin. All major cities in the world, according to him, have cutting-edge public transportation systems, including BRT.

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A happening time for Karachi since many projects are awaited

“The government of Sindh is working to establish a modern public transportation system in Karachi, the nation’s financial capital. The Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) is a very old project”, the minister added. The project had been incorporated into the CPEC projects thanks to the efforts of Chief Minister Sindh.

In answer to a query, he stated that all federal agencies, including the Malir Cantonment Board, had adopted the BRT Red Line project and were providing complete support for its development. He said that all encroachments on the Red Line Corridor of the BRT Project will be eliminated, and Karachi administrations had been given a week to do so.

The leadership of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has enquired about the project with the Sindh government. In order to provide the people of Karachi with the best possible services, they also wish to finish the city’s transportation-related projects as soon as possible.

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