8 Underrated Burger Joints In Karachi You Need To Try ASAP
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Burgers have always been one of the most sought after food items. Regardless you have had a burger a million times; you may want to indulge in that one specific burger that might have been the current hype. Lately, burger joints have been on the rise, and the number of burger joints that have been recently introduced is so many that they can start a revolution of their own. Needless to say that you can enjoy a new burger every week, and you still may not get bored. Now you can easily find a burger joint that caters to everyone’s tastebuds.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best-underrated burger joints in the city.

1. K Town Burger Co.

K Town Burger Co. is a marginally underestimated place for burgers in Karachi. They serve one of the best juicy burgers in town with a variety of flavours. From their marketing skills to eye-catching phrases, everything is on point. However, they also offer a go-to meal kit for those oddly timed burger cravings so that you can enjoy the same restaurant-style flavour at home.

Location: DHA Phase 5 Commercial Area

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2. Road House Kitchen

Road House Kitchen offers the biggest juiciest burgers you can try. They offer a special beast quad patty with different layers of sauces and cheese, which is their best selling item on the menu. The economical prices blended with perfect taste and generous quantity; this spot is a must-visit for all burger lovers.

Location: North Nazimabad, Block C

Image source: facebook.com

3. Burger n Barrel 

Holy Chuck and Chick n Cheddar are some of their best selling products on the menu. The fantastic taste and food quality is one thing to look forward to; however, the ambience and staff’s hospitability has been catching the eyes of many. Moreover, the burgers are pocket friendly, and the taste is 10/10.

Location: Gulshan-Iqbal Block 7

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4. 75 DH

75 degrees hot is one of the latest obsessions of karachities which is quite underrated. They offer a variety of burgers on the menu, which are served hot and fresh. From price point to taste and experience, everything is perfect on the menu.

Location: Nishat Commercial Area, DHA phase 6.

Image source: facebook.com

5. Burger Experts

Burger Experts are a new startup in town but are getting rave reviews over their taste and food quality. The burgers contain the juiciest and crispiest meat topped with lots of cheese available in various flavours.

Location: Gulshan e Iqbal block 13C.

Image source: facebook.com

6. Chick Magnet

Chick Magnet is an exclusive chicken place that serves the best crispiest and juiciest chicken burgers ever. Their fiery grilled burger is hot enough to satisfy your spice cravings. You can choose from a variety of sauces to top off the super juicy burgers.

Location: Khayaban-e-Sehar DHA Phase 6.

Image source: facebook.com

7. Aussie Burger

Aussie Burger is a must-visit place if you don’t want to disappoint next time you are craving a juicy meaty burger. The beef quality is spectacular, which makes them extraordinarily soft and tender.

Location: DHA- Khayaban-e-Nishat, KDA- Karsaz Road, I.I. Chundrigar Uni Towers

Image source: facebook.com

8. Meatmeoutside

Meatmeoutside is another underrated spot that offers the best quality burgers with delicious taste and economical prices. The variety of flavours on the menu are enough to keep you on the hook.

Location: Nishat commercial DHA

Image source: facebook.com

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