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Bakra Eid 2021 is here and with the spirit of festivity, comes along the moment to sacrifice animals. While Eid is celebrated with great zeal and zest across the globe, there are some people who outdo themselves and give us memories to be remembered for a long time to come!

If you haven’t witnessed any such people yet, be very prepared as this might be your first time! Check out 10 types of people you will meet on Bakra Eid.

1. The ‘Maine Qurbani ki’ bacha

Reaction on Eid

The cool kid who would brag about how he slaughtered the deadly cow for the rest of his life. I only have one piece of advice for him: Why don’t you become a butcher yourself, eh?

2. The girl who is about to puke

Reaction on Eid
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“OMG! You are about to slaughter the animal! “- you would find them repeating this like a mantra. Super Annoying!

3. The guy who is fantasizing which dish to make out of which part of the animal

10 types of people you will meet on eid
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That’s so inhumane. I mean let the animal go in peace at least.

4. The burger bacha who is eager to take tons of selfies with bakras

bakra selfie

Because: First let me take a selfie!

5. The friend who is too vocal and visual about his thoughts

Reaction on Eid

*Duh, I have eyes dude* This is someone who will be your live news reporter, telling you all the obvious stuff; which you can also see just by the way!

6. The relative who is upset because the bakra you bought is a total rip-off

Reaction on Eid
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The attention-deprived uncle who will ruin your Eid by asking you “Beta, aapne humse mashwara kyun nahi kya?” all the time!

7. The Lahori friend who is happy to eat bakre ka gosht

Reaction on Eid
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My condolence with the Lahories!

8. The friend who is planning to throw a BBQ Party

Reaction on Eid
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Hashtag: PartyAllNight!

9. The acquaintance who has become a vegetarian for a few weeks

Reaction on Eid
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And are failing too poorly at it! Boo-hoo.

10. The self-proclaimed philosophical family who believe that the killing is not justified

Reaction on Eid

Watch out! Someone whose opinions are totally unrequired is coming through.

I hope you enjoyed going through the list and if you encounter any of the above-mentioned reaction this Eid, make sure to share them with  us.

And above all, make sure to make the most of your time and enjoy this festival with its core essence.

Till then, Happy Eid, readers!

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