Ehd-e-Wafa’s Heart Wrenching Finale Episode Has Got Everyone Talking!


Pakistani drama, Ehd-e-Wafa came to an end yesterday and the public is not ready to get over it yet! The journey of four friends from different backgrounds through college-life to grown-up adults was a treat to watch and a much-needed breather from the average seas-bahu sagas on our screens.

The bumper episode aired last night and the heart-wrenching finale was trending across social media with Twitterati sharing their views!

We were reminded about the bravery of our men in uniforms at the border, to the numerous sacrifices they make for the nation.

The heart-breaking realities faced by martyred families was reflected in Ehd-e-Wafa!



We all want true friendships like these in our lives!


This scene had us all going AWWWW!

We loved this comical representation during an otherwise emotional rollercoaster episode!

True representation of what we felt while watching Ehd-e-Wafa last night!

Haha, do you agree?

Special appreciation to the drama writers for showing women in a strong, positive light. True women empowerment was portrayed through them.


Pretty sure the entire Pakistani population watching the episode was ecstatic to have a happy ending after watching Ahad Raza Mir fighting for his life.


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