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Wearing a mask is as essential to life today as breathing. However, for many, this basic form of protection results in acne. So how do you protect yourself and keep your skin perfect?

How Is Maskne Caused?

Maskne is basically when due to wearing a face mask, your skin gets irritated and starts breaking out. This skin condition that can develop is also called dermatitis. In said condition, whenever anything will come into contact with the skin, it will get irritated.

Maskne is caused by the heat and friction created within your masks because of the hot weather, right. Moreover, when you breathe into it, for several seconds, that same air is trapped into your mask before it gets released.

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Most people also repeat masks more than what is allowed, or they put their mask in dirty places. It’s important to keep washing your masks if they’re re-usable and to use a new one every time if they’re store-bought.

How Do We Treat It?

Of course, it can make many feel conscious, but the great thing is that if you have maskne when you go out, it does get concealed. However, what can we do to make it go away?

Start by keeping a cleanser or face cleaning wipes with you. You need to takes “mask breaks” in which you can go somewhere secluded and take your mask off. At that time, it is also preferable for you to wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

Other than that, try your luck with BHAs! BHAs are an active chemical exfoliant that helps

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In reducing hyper-pigmentation, so your maskne does not scar.

A cotton mask is much less irritating than a synthetic one; go for it!

Essential Skincare Advice

A piece of skincare advice for people of color, which Pakistanis are, is never to stop wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen is an essential part of anyone’s skincare routine, and yet, not many know that. During the day, you must be lathered in sunscreen.

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If your sunscreen is not water-resistant, then keep applying it throughout the day. No, you do not only put it on when going outside. Put it on every day come rain or shine, gloom or doom! What this does is that in the long-run, not only will you have much better skin and fewer wrinkles, it will protect you from greater hyper-pigmentation in case you have maskne. Thank us later!

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