This is Pakistan’s first year without its Messiah Abdul Sattar Edhi. With his decades-long humanitarian work, he alone has done more for the country than everyone combined. His trust and volunteer ambulance network are the largest in the world. His dying words too were a request for Pakistanis to take care of their fellow countrymen who aren’t as fortunate as they are. He then proceeded to donate his eyes to someone who needed them. The man was an angel on earth.

Sadly he is no longer with us, therefore it is up to us to carry forward his work and keep his legacy alive. And giving us a slight push in the right direction is Coca-Cola. This Ramazan the brand has initiated its #BottleOfChange campaign in the memory of Edhi. Going the extra mile, the label has converted its bottles into the said bottles of change. You can use these bottles to collect donations and submit to your nearest Edhi Center. For every donation received, Coke will double the amount and donate to Edhi as well.

The movement has really picked up and rightfully so. People from across the country and of all ages, have joined in and are encouraging their friends to do the same. Numerous Pakistani celebrities, as well as a huge part of this cause and, are urging everyone to do whatever they can to keep Edhi’s message alive. They are sharing their videos on social media websites to raise awareness towards the campaign and nominating their loved ones to do the same.

Take a look at some of the videos.

Pakistani celebrities aren’t the only ones spreading the message. It is heartwarming to see our youth actively participating in this cause too.

The bottles are available everywhere and can be used to collect donations. There are various others options with which you can contribute too.

Every little help counts. You too can join the #BottleOfChange movement to spread awareness and keep Abdul Sattar Edhi’s legacy alive.