In today’s world of advertising, audiences are bombarded with a plethora of lawn commercials and promotions. However, only a few manage to stand out and succeed in communicating an impactful message.

The majority of ads focus on women flaunting designer dresses in glamorous settings displaying a jet set life style that includes travel to international destinations. However, a few show women pursuing real-life professions or everyday activities.

This year, edenrobe WOMAN released an inspirational lawn campaign, defining a REAL lawn experience for the contemporary Pakistani women!


When a nation unites to support and uplift their women, incredible things happen! This is exactly what edenrobe WOMAN has shown in their latest campaign ‘Let Women Be’.

Talking about real women and their real-life situations, the ad communicates how society should come together to let females grow and embrace their true selves.

Like men, women too want to be comfortable in their own unique way. They want to explore themselves and defy the stereotypes people impose upon them.


The campaign has focused entirely on the real women of Pakistan with its mass-market appeal celebrating the self-made, confident and empowered female.

In the ad, we see the edenrobe WOMAN kick-starting a conversation about how we need to stop restricting females and let them conquer all realms of life without obstacles and judgment.

Successfully changing the stereotypical culture weaved around ladies in our society, its powerful script and depiction of young girls urges the audience to stop discrimination against women and look beyond.

Let them choose what to wear or what not to wear. They too like men can be leaders at work whilst simultaneously taking care of their household. Women can achieve degrees in higher education, drive a car or a bike and be sports champions like men.

Uploaded on their Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channel, the ad has been making waves and generating engagement with the target market.


The brand has gained eyeballs with its strong narrative and even influencers along with celebrities are talking about how it’s important to #letWomenBe.

In an effort to generate transformative social change, bloggers are coming forward with positive messages to break down barriers against women.


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I Don’t Just Play Football, I Manage the Team. #edenrobe #edenrobewoman #LetWomenBe #edenrobexsana

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Under the thematic campaign, edenrobe WOMAN has launched its unstitched summer collection as a tribute to the real women of Pakistan.

With over 113 designs and boasting lawn under Mothers collection, Chiffon Dupatta collection, Premium Collection, Silk Dupatta collection and Woven Collection with Sana Javed as the brand ambassador.

A household name due to her feats and performances in various dramas, Sana symbolizes the modern day woman. Her face connects with the target audience as she embodies power and strength like the women who prefer the edenrobe WOMAN for their fashion needs.

The apparels come in a one, two and three piece collection symbolising the modern day woman with its vibrant colours, contemporary cuts and most importantly offering comfort with style.

The brand has broken the clutter amidst lawn ads that usually showcase women in luxurious settings, traveling in high end vehicles and flaunting glamorous accessories.


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