Image Source: Theazb

Karachi, May 26, 2022: Pakistan’s leading FMCG Company, English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd (EBM), has been honored by the Employees Federation of Pakistan (EFP) with two awards at the 16th International Occupational Safety, Health, and Wellbeing (OSHW) awards. EBM has won the first position with an excellence award in the food sector. Mr. Anas Hammad, Group Lead EHS, EBM, has been awarded the ambassador award from EFP.

EBM has once again proved to be a frontrunner in workplace health and safety and in maintaining occupational safety and health standards best practices. Along with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, EBM has developed companywide consistent inspection, reporting, and tracking systems with area-specific manager’s toolboxes that support health and safety standards.

In addition to more than 580 training sessions held for employees in the past years, EBM has also launched a behavior-based safety program, a robust emergency response plan, state-of-the-art firefighting system as part of the regular training and drills. When it comes to the physical and mental well-being of employees, EBM is a thought leader and has always prioritized efforts aimed at nourishing its workforce. It recently worked with CERB to hold a workshop on the importance of employee wellbeing as an important factor in employee growth and prosperity.

Upon receiving the awards, EBM’s Deputy Managing Director, Saadia Naveed expressed her views and said, “It’s a delight to be recognized by the EFP for our dedication to employee well-being and safety. It’s a matter of great honour for us to be internationally recognized and appreciated. We remain committed to introducing initiatives that will benefit our employees and the community at large.”
The International Occupational Safety, Health, and Wellbeing has been celebrated by EFP for the past 15 years, appreciating the efforts of organizations that manage the well-being of their workforce.