Most expensive Biryani of the world
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The world is home to a plethora of bizarre food combinations. Do you remember the time when everyone, on SWOT, was talking about Nalli Biryani? It was a combination of Biryani with Nalli usually found in meat. Now, this dish received quite a lot of mixed reviews. Many people loved it, yet many more absolutely despised it.

The amount of combinations and experiments that have been done with biryani is quite high. At this point, you may start to wonder if Biryani might just mutate with this many experiments. In light of Biryani, let us tell you about the world’s most expensive one. It is present at an eatery in UAE and the price will shock you. One does not even know how anyone can order it!

Biryani and most expensive one
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The Everlasting Love For Biryani:

It is no surprise that Biryani is one of the most popular dishes in the subcontinent. It is so popular that almost every other food joint in Karachi has Biryani. There is such a cult following behind it that people will just hear no negativity about it. Of course, we are allowed to have our own opinions and preferences.

There are many types of this food item. Everyone makes it their own way and it takes practice to master the dish. Bombay and Sindhi Biryani are some of the most common ones to be eaten in Karachi. Then comes chicken tikka biryani which has a whole different taste of its own. It is definitely worth a try and is highly recommended.

Going Beyond The Cost:

What we intend to inform you today is about setting a record. It seems that a record of ‘Most Expensive’ has just been set. What exactly is the most expensive item? Biryani, of course! As mentioned above, the dish is being served at a fine-dining eatery in the UAE. Now, wait till you hear what one plate costs! It may just drop your jaw or leave your eyes wide open at the mention of it.

One plate of this Biryani costs at an equivalent of Rs.40,000! Can anyone really believe this? This much amount for a plate of Biryani. You must be wondering whether it’s made of gold or something. Well, that is exactly what it has been plated with. You get your choice of rice and quite a lot of BBQ items to go with it. The writer of this article is still finding a hard time digesting the price of this dish.

Biryani gold plated and expensive
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Unusual Food Items:

Whether the taste of this Biryani is good still remains to be seen. However, it also remains to be seen who is going to order this gold plated dish. The price of gold at 5 grams is nearly Rs.50,000 so we can assume a little less than that may be in the Biryani!

There can be even more similar combinations out there. In Karachi, a gold plated paan is being sold at Rs.1000. Yes, the paan or Betel Leaf itself is plated in gold.

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