Craving a good beef burger with fries? McDonald’s has got you covered. McDonald’s has now partnered with Vlectra to deliver your orders to you in a more environment and economy-friendly way. So now, you can enjoy your scrumptious meals without worrying about harming the environment. E-bikes rely totally upon charging. They do not require any petrol whatsoever which means that the cost of deliveries is majorly cut. This means that McDonald’s is saving the environment along with saving costs.

Especially, right now, when Pakistan is suffering through one of the highest inflation periods ever, petrol costs prove to be very heavy and expensive for both businesses and riders. But even during such times, McDonald’s has put the needs of the country before their own. Using e-bikes will make a huge difference due to their no-pollution quality.

How Will E-bikes Help? 

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The electric motorcycles cover a total of 80 kilometers on one charge and can achieve their top speed of 0-60 kilometers per hour in 4 seconds which is easier and much more lenient for riders. Previously, riders would use their own tips to refill their fuel tanks but now they can keep the extra money. Riders, be they of any good chain, suffer the most when delivering an order. They have to maneuver their way through busy roads and have to speed up so they can deliver the orders on time. Moreover, they are always at risk of getting robbed and getting in an accident considering the traffic situations in the cities.

When the country faces such high inflation and such threats while out on the streets, McDonald’s still remembers to take care of its workers and customers. By providing their riders with electric bikes McDonald’s helps them save money, stay safe, and also deliver their orders on time so they can earn good tips. It also means that now you might be able to receive your McDonald’s order quicker than usual.

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Are There Any Cons To This? 

Although these e-bikes are a bit expensive to purchase, they are cost-effective. Soon, McDonald’s will be delivering happiness to you in an eco-friendly way. So basically the only con is the price. But don’t worry, McDonald’s has solved that problem too. McDonald’s has taken into consideration that their riders mostly belong to the lower working class and cannot possible afford such

This step might just prove to be the best step currently taken in the direction to improve the economic and environmental conditions of Pakistan. The bikes are soundless and produce no smoke which means that they not only bring your McDonald’s to you but also take care of your surroundings by causing no noise, air, or traffic pollution.

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