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Dvago, a pharmacy business with stores all over as well as the availability of delivery options, has made a mark for itself. But a few days back, it was brought up on social media in a negative context. However, unlike many other companies, Dvago took it as constructive criticism and not as an insult.

What actually happened?

The post by one of the netizens contained a few pictures that featured a security guard stationed outside a Dvago store. The outlet was situated in Model Colony, Liaquat Ali Khan Road to be specific. Not just that, he is sitting on a cardboard piece sprawled on the floor.

Ahsan Asif, the netizen who first took the issue to the internet, said that he will not buy anything from Dvago until they take action.

Dvago Heard!

Not only did Dvago heard this but they immediately got into action. They did not deny it, rather they accepted their mistake. Moreover, they arranged for chairs for all their security guards. Aside from that, they ensured the guards were sitting or standing under shade to get protection from the sun. Considering they are a health & wellness brand, it is nice to see them prioritizing exactly that for their employees as well.

They also assured the public that they will be mindful of this in the future because their staff is important to them.

Considering Karachi went through an extreme heatwave it’s nice to see that they reacted in time. Furthermore, gone are the times when potential consumers wanted to feel like royals. When they see ill-treated employees at their expense, consumers do not like it.

Not just that, but I believe, social media has quite some reach. And seeing how Dvago was held accountable so quickly, we should use this platform more often. It is only then can we have a better tomorrow.

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