durefishan saleem

Current showbiz star Durefishan Saleem has recently shared her honest opinions about love marriage, and they aren’t pleasant. This Pakistani star has been rising to heights recently and after appearing on a morning talk show with Nida Yasir, Durefishan shared a list of reasons why love marriages aren’t it.

The guest star shared, ” The reason why love marriages dont work is that the couple forgets to value each other, despite being responsible for finding one another.” She emphasized that people’s fondness and attraction eventually fades, even before they get. married at times. She stated that the attraction in general is just lacking in their marriages.

Very obviously, Durefishan Saleem is quite talented. She’s a leading actress in the industry and has showcased her impressive acting skills in various Pakistani dramas. Her recent role in ‘Ishq Murshid’ is gaining significant popularity among audience.

After being asked to list down some downsides to love marriage, Durefishan stated that couples involved in love marriages don’t take each other seriously. Hmm… not sure how we feel about this one? There seems to be no logic behind her point, especially since it negates so many relationships. She continued that one doesn’t try to win over his wife in the initial days of relationship, compared to the arranged marriage setup.

On top of that this star shared that both individuals already know so much about each other. As a consequence of their dating period. As a result there are no surprises or sparks when they are officially a couple.

Lastly, the celebrity shared the opinion that love marriages in general lack excitement among partners.

It seems hard to believe that the actress’s opinions aren’t just slightly biast. However, we might not be sure why since there seems to be no hints why she feels this way. Marriage can be a difficult thing to navigate, and we wish well for Durefishan.

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