One of Pakistan’s largest YouTube channels ” Ducky Bhai ” is currently facing criticism for being a show-off.  Saad Ur Rehman, a popular content creator, has just shared emotional and sentimental photographs of visiting the holy land Makkah. After sharing his experience of performing the religious pilgrimage Umrah online, fans have demanded that stop bragging.

Saad Rehman rose to fame after starting his channel back in 2017. Since then he has posted numerous videos of gaming, roasting parodies, and even comedic prank calls. His platform has now crossed over 6.65 Million subscribers and has received a Golden Play Button from YouTube too.

In 2023, Ducky Bhai shared news of his marriage with Aroob Jatoi. Since then, the couple has shared insight into their lifestyle and comedic vlogs of their day-to-day activities living together. Currently, they’ve been sharing vlogs and photos of them in Saudi Arabia with Saad’s parents.

Have a look!

Ducky Bhai with his family performing umrah
Ducky Bhai with his family

Ducky Bhai and Aroob also shared a vlog covering their entire experience too. Following all traditions, Saad even shaved off his hair.

Ducky Bhai ‘s Fans Respond

While the comment sections flooded with love and respect for the YouTube star many found the vlog inappropriate. Fans suggested such precious moments should be shared with family alone and there is no need to share it with the world.

They continued with comments about how his focus should have been on performing the pilgrimage instead of vlogging. However, many had good intentions and were only saying so for protection from the evil eye.

It is no secret that sharing almost anything online comes at the cost of criticism. Fans come from various backgrounds and traditions and often stay true to what they believe. Ducky Bhai, along with his wife Aroob has been documenting moments of his life from the beginning. Be it purchasing his dream car, or going on a crazy rollercoaster ride, he makes sure his fans are in on what he’s up to every day.

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Mahnoor Rashid
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