new tower becoming as Female burj khalifa in Dubai
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Dubai is considered as the epitome of architectural excellence and a geographical marvel. The place stands in the middle of the desert and yet, the landmarks there are considered as jewels. People visit the place from all over the world just to see the sights with their own eyes. If you ever chance a visit to Dubai, we recommend that you spend at least two weeks there to explore it completely. It seems that, in recent news, there is a new building being planned for the place.

Mohammed Alabbar, founder of Emaar and Noon, revealed plans for the construction of a “female” Burj Khalifa. The tower will feature a unique concept where customers can drive electric cars through the mall, located in Dubai Creek Harbour. Yes, customers can drive vehicles inside the mall! It comes as no surprise that Dubai is working on something that is unique and exquisite.

New dubai creek tower in making
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Dubai Planning Ahead

When the place first came up with the concept of Palm island, people did not think it was even possible to create such a thing. Yet, today we see that marvel stretching across the body of water. Talking about the upcoming Dubai Creek tower, Alabbar shared insights at the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, discussing the company’s decision to abandon a plan for a kilometer-long tower in favor of the Dubai Creek Tower.

He emphasized that the tower serves as the “female” counterpart to the Burj Khalifa, with its design representing the new downtown area. Alabbar reflected on the challenges of managing a publicly listed company, highlighting the need for transparency and discipline in handling public funds. Of course, when it comes to any form of development, the public should have full knowledge of where their funds are being allocated.

a tower as tall as burj in the place
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The Center Of Technology

When talking about transparency, Alabbar also acknowledged the rigorous processes involved in dealing with public money and expressed appreciation for the discipline it instills. Alabbar embraced the challenges of transparency, stating that it ultimately makes individuals better by enforcing careful planning and accountability. This puts Dubai in an even more developing light as all eyes are again on the city.

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