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Dubai is stepping up its game in the global gaming arena with the launch of its Gaming Visa Initiative, designed to lure top gamers from around the world with the promise of long-term visas. This bold move is part of Dubai’s grand plan, the Program for Gaming 2033, which sets its sights on transforming the city into a hotspot for gaming by the year 2033. The objective? To not only boost Dubai’s gaming scene but also to inject a substantial $1 billion into the emirate’s economy and create a whopping 30,000 new employement opportunities.

Dubai introduces long-term visas for talented gamers - GulfToday
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To be part of this exciting initiative, aspiring gamers need to meet some basic criteria. Firstly, they must be at least 25 years old, and they need to provide a few documents such as a copy of their passport and educational qualifications. While not mandatory, showcasing contributions to the gaming community could give applicants an edge. Job preferences and other personal details are also part of the application process.

What Gamers Need to Know

Interested gamers can apply through the official Dubai Gaming Initiative website, where they’ll be kept in the loop via email regarding the status of their application. If successful, they’ll be awarded the coveted Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate, granting them long-term residency in Dubai.

But Dubai’s gaming ambitions don’t stop there. The city isn’t just rolling out the red carpet for gamers; it’s also extending invitations to programmers, developers, entrepreneurs, and tech giants to join the fray. And to sweeten the deal, Dubai is streamlining the visa process, promising to slash processing times from a month down to a mere five days.

Dubai launches long-term visa for e-gamers; age requirement, procedure explained - News | Khaleej Times
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Expanding the Invitation

With its eye firmly set on the future, Dubai is poised to emerge as a key player in the global gaming landscape. By embracing innovation and welcoming talent with open arms, the city is not only laying the groundwork for a thriving gaming industry but also cementing its status as a hub of creativity and opportunity. So, for gamers looking to level up their careers, Dubai beckons with open arms and a promising future in the world of gaming.

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