Drone technology on motorways
Image Source: geospatialworld.net

Technology is advancing at a far swifter pace than we can perceive. At first, there used to be steam-powered machines. They took a peak during the industrial era, also known as the steampunk era. Whenever we think of steam trains, horse-drawn carriages, and frock coats, we are reminded of Victorian London. Now, in 2021, technology is taking major bounds forward. It seems that Drone Technology is to be used on Motorways. They will be used against traffic violators in bringing them to justice and up to the task! This seems quite innovative for a solution to the traffic problem. We are all aware of how bad the traffic can get; now we have a smart solution.

Drones on motorway and deployed
Image Source: insideunmannedsystems.com

Drones Inbound

Drone Technology has always fascinated a lot of people. The concept of an unmanned aerial vehicle turns the attention of many enthusiasts. Even if you’re not into tech, you must still be aware of what drones are. They are not just the predator and reaper ones used by the US Army, but any unmanned vehicle can be regarded as one. A Quadcopter used in surveillance and festivities is also a drone.

In light of this news, new drone technology is said to be deployed. Deployed where you ask? Well, the latest report states that the Motorways are going to have drone Technology used with them. Anyone who breaks the traffic law out on those fast roads, the drones will be there to make sure justice is delivered. This has such a futuristic vibe to it. It reminds one of ‘Blade runner’.

Technology On Motorways

The drones are part of a five-year plan to embed such technology in Pakistan. We are the first country in the region to use drones with such an application. Since the Motorways here lack a lot of equipment to catch up with the law, this is an excellent measure to take.

This five-year plan also includes other initiatives. These are reviewing the current traffic laws, having rehearsed speed limits for the traffic. Additionally, there is talk of training personnel with the most modernly used tactics and strategies to ensure citizens abide by the law. To see such development being made in this era puts a light of hope on a lot of people’s faces. It’s quite impressive to see that the pandemic has not slowed down technological advances, especially in Pakistan.

Drones and technology
Image Source: pakwheels.com

A Better Traffic

We have yet to see how this technology further plays itself into the hands of the public. It will be quite interesting to see a drone keeping track of traffic. The moment you switch lanes without warning, the drone is going to ping you. Once you’ve been tagged, escape is futile!

We hope to see more Innovations in the face of the traffic problem. It is getting worse by the day, and it would be a fresh change to see people adhere to the rules. Imagine a world where hardly anyone runs the red light or doesn’t stop at a four-way junction.

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