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Ramadan is back, and for Pakistanis, that means a bunch of new shows hitting our screens right after the iftar! The craze around Suno Chanda seems to have set the stage for a tradition of Ramadan special dramas. Since then, every Ramadan is an opportunity for channels trying to outdo each other with their series.

Here’s the trailer:

This time, we’re once again spoiled with choices and the OG in this game, HUM TV has dropped not one, but two shows. However, just one of them, Very Filmy, is stirring drama off-screen too! After a recent episode in which the hero seems to be acting like Shahrukh Khan, Dananeer copies Aishwarya Rai Bachan, fans just want to put an end to this!

Dananeer as Paaro

Netizens have one too many complaints with this show starting from the lack of originality. The constant Bollywood references are turning out to be no as comedic as HUM TV thought they would be. All anyone can say is, to step out of Bollywood, let the iconic movies be iconic and come up with something new. Other than that, no one can quite understand the purpose of this show. The musical comedy isn’t what everyone expected from a Ramadan special.

Everyone’s honest reactions to Dananeer’s Bollywood reference

Here’s why there’s a bit of a slump around “Very Filmy.” Dananeer did nail the Aishwarya Rai Bachchan vibe from “Devdas” as Paaro and there’s almost no question about that. However, some viewers didn’t approve the whole Indian movie replication. People want shows that resonate with our culture and the spirit of the occasion, the Holy month.

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