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Embracing someone as they are, is the hot movement currently; the one good thing in the disastrous 2020. And it has not been a sudden shift; it took time to come about. But now that it is here, brands have begun accepting their role in conveying to the masses what they should have been doing from the beginning. Now you see brands realizing their mistakes, so you find a famous face cream changing its name altogether from fair n lovely to Glow n lovely. Though late, they did do what was required of them, eventually.

Dove Evolving As Well

Dove too is a brand that focuses on women’s skin. As you can see that the name Dove comes from a bird that is known for its white color, it also initially focused on the mainstream definition of beauty. But now, along with other brands, Dove also internalized that the right way forward is to accept that everyone is beautiful. And they have conveyed this in the amazing ad focusing on the Brazilian women.

Dove’s The Art of Self Care

Have a look at the piece of art which the brand is calling the ‘Art of Self-Care’.

For this region, the brand is launching a line of products that include body lotions and hand lotions. These products have been manufactured, keeping in mind the texture and fragrance of Brazilian women. This is important because initially, there was one fragrance that was generalized and was assumed to satisfy consumers universally.

For the purpose of the launch and the ad, Dove got into partnership with the Art Museum of Sao Paulo (MASP). In this partnership, the brand will be sponsoring the restoration process of 3 masterpieces of that museum. Now this shows another issue. It shows that the brand is worried about the conditions of Brazilian art as well. So by skin, they are not just targeting the skin of women but also the canvas skin.

Image Source: YouTube

So the fact that Dove has understood that it does not need to force color when talking about beauty is great. But what is even more remarkable is the fact that it is going one step ahead and bringing fragrance in the discussion as well; because what is fragrant for the US or the UK may not be that when it comes to Brazil.

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