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The world has no fear when talking about food or trying new food combinations. More so, the most significant food franchises don’t shy away from launching weird food combinations. However, this makes us wonder why?

  • Are they brave enough to receive the criticism?
  • Are they sure that their loyal customer base would do anything to try those rare combinations?

Domino’s Japan Latest Launch

Well, in a similar instance, Domino’s Japan has now combined two different dishes from across the borders. Behold the Fish and Chips Pizza on the Domino’s Japan menu. Give it to the Japanese food chains to come up with literally anything and everything.

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The news didn’t sit well with both the Pizza and Fish and Chip lovers. Then come those who would do anything to try the rare combinations. However, another group of people can’t wait for it to be sold in the international market.

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The Twitter Reacts 

The majority took to Twitter to share their views about the situation, yet one tweet caught the attention of the food chain, which led them to apologize to the public. Take a look at what they had to say.

Take a look at some other reactions:

Pizza And Its Variations 

Over the years, this Italian delicacy has received a lot of transformation in the form of odd combinations, from pineapples to meatballs, marshmallows, chocolate, kebab, and whatnot. The pizza variations never seem to end, and as soon as we think that, this could be the last time. We tend to come across an even bizarre one in the next episode.

Japan is known for its massive food culture, and every food chain or franchise might have something on the menu which is not available anywhere in the world, simply because people won’t be able to withstand the flavor or even the thought of it.

No fish were harmed in the making of this article. 

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