Dolphin skin trend
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Dolphin skin isn’t for the faint-hearted who can’t handle glow. By glow, we mean significant light this time, the type that could turn heads. If you haven’t heard about the new skin trend that’s going to make you look fabulous, keep reading! Get to know all the products, tips, and tricks you need to achieve the look.

The Dolphin Skin

After the #GlassSkin comes the #DolphinSkin. You’re probably wondering why the trend is named after dolphins… Well, probably because it makes your skin look as smooth as a dolphin. 

Dolphin skin trend
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This look is all about the summers. The warm, wet, glowy vibe that’s preferred for summers is excited with this new trend. Imagine stepping out of the waters, your skin still damp, and the sun shining on you. That’s the kind of glow and wet look we’re going for with this look. 

Dolphin skin trend
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The radiance needs to look as if it’s from within, but the shine must only be in the right places. Nobody wants to look oily!

Where Did It Come From

If you’re into makeup, chances are you have heard of Mary Phillips. She’s the choice of makeup artists of many A-listers, including Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra, and Chrissy Teigen. She recently kick-started this trend as she explained how she does her new looks.

Mary Phillips
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Mary’s makeup has always focused on a more natural, softer look. The dolphin skin trend is about highlighting the high points of your face in a layered, natural way without looking like a disco ball.

How You Can Get It

Phillips uses ICONIC London’s Prep-Set-Glow and Illuminator first on the skin. Areas to cover are cheekbones, corners of forehead, the tip of the nose, and a little on the chin. 

ICONIC London products
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Once you have buffed that into the skin properly, move to the second layer. Secondly, use the Sheer Blush to add a “sheer gloss of color to the cheekbone, to add to the dewy wet glow.” Phillips recommends layering on the highlighters to get the full effect. 

Should You Buy The Products?

Highlighters today have revolutionized greatly. They’re not the chunky glittery powders anymore that you can slap onto your face. Now the makers of the highlighters are way more subtle yet all the more concentrated. The sheen has to look uniform and glowy, not glittery. If you’re obsessing with this trend, know that you don’t have to splurge immediately. For many, these products might not even be available in their region. 

What you can do instead: start with using a primer with a sheen to it. This will help you make a good base for your Dolphin skin. Then you can apply Huda Beauty’s trick, which is to use a body illuminated all over the face. Yes, it can look crazy, but once you apply the foundation, the final look is flawless. Lastly, layer with a subtle highlighter on the focus point and opt for a natural blush. Voila! You’ve nailed the Dolphin skin!

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