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The month of January 2021 passed by us really quickly and had many eventful days. With WhatsApp’s privacy policy fiasco along with Gamestop’s price increasing after a group of Redditors decided to mess with the billionaires, it seems as if the year 2021 is not short of surprises.

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DogeCoin’s Price Increasing Enormously Courtesy Elon Musk?

Now, as of today, Dogecoin, which refers to itself as the “fun and friendly internet currency” by its founders, has gained a lot of attention in the past because it was started as a joke and is named after a viral meme and has doge as its mascot or front-face.

Elon Musk, who is known as one of the prominent innovators of the 21st Century and is one of the well-reputed meme-lords often participating in the internet’s sub-cultures, has also voiced his support for cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

A Series Of Tweets Inspired By Memes (And Reddit, Ofcourse):

The entrepreneur, investor, and billionaire responsible for a series of ventures including PayPal, Space X, Tesla, and several others, Elon tweeted a series of tweets in support of the cryptocurrency that has apparently led to a surge in its price.

Tesla Investing $1.5 Billion In Bitcoin Leading To A 21% Increase

Elon Musk’s company Tesla which has been credited for bringing electric vehicles to the mainstream, invested $1.5 Billion, which has led to the cryptocurrency reaching the price of $47000. The company has been credited for this 21% surge in the price of the cryptocurrency.

American rapper Snoop Dogg also weighed in on the market manipulation and commentary by Musk that the common people have praised as it was something that was only confined to billionaires in the past. Snoop Dogg posted a picture of Doge, which is probably in support of the cryptocurrency named after a meme.

Why Is This Moment Iconic And Special?

This has become massive news because never in the history of stock markets and cryptocurrency have we seen market manipulation of this sort. This was confined to billionaires, and they were the ones to benefit from it; however, this is the first time common people have been able to benefit from the system that has been rigged against them.

Though we are curious to see what the future holds for the cryptocurrency and the stock market, let’s hope the working class makes the most out of it to turn their lives around.

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