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Due to the increasing prices on electricity as well as gas, people are trying their best to come up with ways to save it. One of the ways many people say they save electricity is by turning their deep freezer on and off multiple times a day.

They say that the deep freezer is only used in the day when they require it, in certain hours. Other than that, they turn it off. However, there is a piece of misinformation hidden within this method to save electricity. Turning the appliance on and off multiple times a day is actually going to produce a larger electricity bill than save it!

saving electricity with Deep freezer
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Deep Freezer Technology

It is quite interesting to note how a deep freezer actually works. What it does is, it consumes a massive amount of energy and units when it is turned on. This applies to most appliances present in the house. Once it is turned on, then it stabilizes to a much lower and nominal wattage and power consumption. If the running consumption of a deep freezer is usually between 150 to 250 watts, its starting consumption is 800 to 1200 watts.

Yes, the machine requires a big influx to power on, then requires much less to keep running. Thus, if someone is turning it on and off multiple times a day, they are going to be consuming more electricity than usual. A lot of people in Pakistan are following this method and we have to spread awareness on it.

Deep freezer technology
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Saving Electricity

If you really must turn off the appliance, it should not be more than once a day. This is because the starting consumption of the appliance is going to cost you a heftier bill. The bill will be much heftier than the freezer running non-stop the whole day. This same logic applies regular refrigerators, Non-Inverter Air Conditioners as well.

Additionally, turning the appliance on and off again can also damage it. Thus, we recommend that you keep your appliance running through the day and only turn it off once, if needed, during peak hours.

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