Great storytelling with a creative core concept can do wonders for a brand. That is exactly where Master MoltyFoam has established itself. In the previous two TVCs we saw the refreshing change of steering away from the conventional. Sajal trying to convince Ahad with real-life examples continues with more wit and making waves yet again for all good reasons. Spoiler alert, Ahad is convinced!

Master MoltyFoam, the most trusted and reliable foam brand of Pakistan, is undoubtedly evolving with time when it comes to its mattress advertising. Humor is a challenging genre for brand communication yet we are seeing the current TVC series utilizing it well.

Moving forward in their TVC series we see Ahad adopting a ketogenic diet and healthy eating habits because in order to stay fit taking care of what is inside also matters. Sajal smoothly connects that with the brand with her wordplay. It all fits and Ahad concedes.

How Master MoltyFoam relays the key points about their brand in their TVCs by taking Sajal and Ahad’s relationship and their daily situations as a metaphor is commendable. The commercial is being appreciated by viewers due to its relatability and realness.

The Master MoltyFoam products themselves are iconic with years of trust supporting its reputation. It is the perfect wedding gift due to its quality and long-lasting durability making it the ideal gift. With PSL around the corner, it may also be high time a new couch is added to the lounge to take some pressure off? Pun intended! Overall a great brand and still unstoppable in the mattress industry.

If you want to experience the continuation of the young couple’s playful banters then do watch the TVC here. We guarantee you will be left smiling.

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