People watching the show “Baby Baji” think that Aina Asif, a young actress, doesn’t look good with heavy makeup. Aina became famous when she was only thirteen years old for her role in the drama “Hum Tum.” She has also acted in other popular dramas like “Pinjra” and “Pehchan”.

Aina has a lot of followers on social media because of her performances in popular TV shows. But does makeup really define a girl’s age? Yes, makeup can sometimes make you look older or younger depending on the look that you’re going for. For example, Aina looks way younger on her Instagram than she does on television dramas.

Baby Baji 

In “Baby Baji,” Aina plays the character of Saman, a young girl who is very much involved with her neighbor’s family. She loves a boy named Waleed and wants to marry him. Some viewers think that both Aina and Fazal, who plays Waleed, look too young to portray characters in a romantic relationship. Fans even criticized the team for showing young love on television. They also noticed that Aina Asif, who is still young, wears too much makeup and looks older than her age.

Some people on social media think that Aina wears heavy makeup because she wants to play a lead role. Many even advised her not to waste her innocence by acting in mature roles. Fans questioned why Aina, who is just a child, wears so much makeup. They said that she is only fifteen and is a minor but looks like she’s in her twenties because of her makeup and the mature characters that she portrays.

Here have a look at some of the things people had to say.

Now, Aina is definitely a very confident and talented young lady and definitely deserves all the praise she gets. But if she wears “loud” makeup for a role, is it her fault and does she deserve all the negativity? Or is it just a requirement for her role? Regardless of all of this, people need to understand that makeup is a form of art and not an age marker. It simply helps one get into character, feel better about themselves, or is just a necessity when you’re in showbiz. Maybe people on the internet really need to cool off.

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