Medical bill waived by Doctor
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Heroes are everywhere on earth. It is said that hard times create heroes out of ordinary people. They rise when the moment calls for it, and they don’t back down when the storm hits. It is one of the most known pieces of information that heroes don’t take part in the celebration of victory. A hero is the one who pays the price just so the other people can have a better tomorrow.

They came in all shapes and sizes, in every form of profession. Some Policemen go down in the line of duty, and some teachers spend their lives spreading knowledge and shaping minds. Similarly, Doctors are the fighting force behind our people. They try their best to save lives and bringing comfort to people. In light of this, another hero has come into the light. This Doctor deserves every bit of appreciation they get.

Doctor waives medical bills
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Acts Of Kindness

Where there is evil being kept at bay, what is it that’s holding its bay? Yes, Yin Yang is an extremely important balance of life. It is a principle that must be kept in perspective while doing anything. Acts of Kindness are the fuel that keeps the engine of peaceful life going.

Many people don’t perform such acts with means of personal gain. They do this because they feel it is the right thing to do. Selfless acts can be hard to find, but they do exist. There is a Pakistani Doctor who is doing such acts. May his work bring him more fruits of success. His act of kindness will neither go unnoticed, nor will it be unrewarded. Islam states that Allah takes care of those who take care of His creations, be it people or animals or plants.

Waiving Bill

Dr. Omar Atiq, a Pakistani national living in America, has waived off $650,000 worth of medical bills. He did this as a Christmas gift for his patients. Is that not one of the most heartwarming things you have ever heard in your life? Apparently, the doctor sent his patients a congratulatory message saying their bills have been paid in full.

Many social media platforms have highlighted this act as one of the kindest acts on earth. Dr. Atiq has a colorful history of achievements and has even been the first Non-White president of the Arkansas Medical society in 2013.

Doctor Omar waives bill for patients
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Harmony On Earth

These acts not only give a sense of hope to people; it brings a smile to their face too. It can be quite expensive to pay medical bills and stay in debt for years. Imagine the front of the people light up when they realize the bill has been waived.

Angels like these must be appreciated and protected at all costs. Not everyone can be so kind to other human beings. After all, there should be nothing but massive respect for someone who takes care of people’s illnesses for free! The writer of this article is just in a state of enormous respect for the Doctor.

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