Do You Think You Have Toilet Manners? You May Be Wrong

toilet manners
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On World Toilet Day, let’s take some time out to acknowledge all the manners we don’t have. Using the toilet does not come without its proper etiquettes and you need to understand we’re constantly breaking them all the time. For your next visit to the ‘john’ to be better, here’s what you need to know is going wrong:

1. Keep The Seat Down

Leaving the seat up is always a bad idea! There may be many memes about women and men fighting over where the seat stays but that’s because women are better at manners! Do not leave the seat up in your home or public washrooms.

toilet manners
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2. Leaving Droplets On The Seat

Another common occurrence is leaving droplets (yes, water ones), on the seat after you’re done using. It’s considered harmless because people think it’s water! What could go wrong? But it’s not as simple as that. You need to wipe the seat clean always for the next user.

3. Keep Flushing

There are those who believe less flushing means saving the environment and the water. But what about those people who you’re going to kill with the smell and the germs? There’s something known as a ‘courtesy flush’ that you do while you’re dumping your load. Follow it!

toilet manners
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4. Not Replacing Toilet Paper

If you’ve ever used a washroom where you finished the toilet paper, you should know that it’s incumbent on you to replace it! Simply ask the house owners where they keep their stash or inform the cleaners in a public place.

5. Banging On Locked Stalls

Do we still don’t know what to say when someone knocks on the washroom and you’re sitting inside? Yes, unfortunately. So in that case, if you see a door closed gently push on it. If it doesn’t open, it’s occupied and you need to move on. Don’t start banging down the door.

toilet manners
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6. Taking Too Much Time On The Sink

Your job? Wash your hands properly at the sink and then get aside. If you have hair or clothes to fix the best thing is to step back so that those who have to wash their hands can get done. Don’t keep hogging the space.

7. Leaving Dirty Toilet Paper 

We often cover the seat using toilet paper or use toilet paper as a covering to hold the knobs or the shower. In that case, discard that toilet paper responsibly. Don’t leave it everywhere in the washroom!

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