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What you just read is right!

Across the world, film productions have been halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film industry has undoubtedly taken a massive hit due to the novel coronavirus. Walt Disney Pictures and Disneyland are also suffering majorly amid the lockdown and the increasing number of cases in the US. Disneyland, the place that once used to be full of life, is now left deserted, leaving so many employees jobless.

However, the show must go on somehow. According to a Hollywood blogger, Sarah, Disney is making a short film about a Pakistani family celebrating the occasion of Eid. How wonderful is that?

Here’s what she had tweeted:

According to the tweet, Sarah also shared a link to the audition details and the type of cast Disney is in search of. To shoot the film, Disney is looking for 5 Pakistani actors who don’t necessarily need to have prior acting experience. The characters in the movie include Ameena, Zara, Altaf, Jamila, and Dadi Ami. What caught our attention was that they’re looking for actors who can speak fluent Urdu.

The upcoming film is said to be a low-budget subscription video-on-demand programs distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

We hope this is true and we just can’t wait! The cultural representation of Pakistanis in a Disney film would be unbelievable! Let’s wait for more updates on this!

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