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People have started identifying themselves as multiple genders, also known as being enby or nb but this new category will blow your mind. After transgender, and transracial, we have ‘transabled’.

Who are transabled people?

Transabled people are physically healthy people who feel they should’ve been born disabled. This is when a person feels that one or more of their limbs do not belong to them so they intentionally disable themselves. Although this segment of the population is very small, it is still gaining popularity by the day. A man in Great Britain cut off his leg because he felt like an amputee, and another woman poured drain cleaner in her eyes because she felt blind.

Here is the video of Jewel Shuping who wanted to be blind from childhood. In an interview with Bancroft TV, she described pretending to be sightless and wearing thick dark glasses. By age 20, she could read Braille fluently. At age 21, she blinded herself with drain cleaner — she says with the help of a psychologist.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder 

Some of these people justify their actions by calling themselves patients of BIID, Body Integrity Identity Disorder. This means that a person suffers from body dysphoria and has a strong feeling to be disabled in a certain way. Many people live with this feeling but a significant minority feel it so strongly that they actually go and do something to make it happen says Dr. Michael First, a leading expert on such cases.

He talks about all sorts of prevention proving to be useless for such people and that ethics is the main problem. Because it is ethically wrong to make a normal person disabled. He also fears that people may change their minds once they have gone through with the procedures. The case of Jewel Shuping is one of many such rare cases.

And another man cut off his leg to feel like an amputee because he felt like it. Nick O’ Halloran says ‘IT’S JUST NOT MINE’ and pretends to be an amputee and wants to cut it off even though there is nothing wrong with it. He feels as if that is the only way he can feel comfortable with himself. His right leg is heavily bandaged, stopping at the knee, and he hobbles around on crutches. Have a look at this.

But the truth of why Nick appears to be an amputee is not because he lost a limb. The former special needs teacher, 29, is actually fully able-bodied yet suffers from a condition that stops him from recognizing his leg as his own. He is so desperate to have his right leg amputated that he injected it with alcohol in an attempt to force doctors to perform the surgery and he has been fleeced out of £20,000 for a sham amputation. He refers it to as his end goal in life.

Where Does This End? 

Transgender, transracial, transabled, guess what’s next? A grown man posted an ad on Craigslist wanting a nanny because he identifies as a baby. You can’t make this stuff up. Ridiculous? Perhaps. But who is to say anymore? If a healthy person can mutilate themself because they feel disabled and if a grown man can identify as a baby because he feels infantile, where does this end? Can a teenager buy alcohol because they identify as over 21 years old? Can a grown man attend kindergarten because he identifies as a six-year-old girl? Can a child spend the day at doggy daycare instead of school because they feel like a canine?

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