What’s a wardrobe without a variety of clothing? Be it shirts, coats, sweaters and denim, there should be something for every occasion. From diamond patterns to lambs wool material, a sweater is definitely the cornerstone of all winter fashion. Even in tropical locations, a cool winter evening is the perfect excuse to don that soft fluffy clothing to catch the right kind of attention, while keeping yourself warm.

When it comes to quality and variety, Diners is levelling up the winter fashion game like no other. Already a major force in Pakistan’s fashion industry, the brand is making leaps and bounds in the field of technology and design, as is apparent from their latest Winter Collection ’21. With the use of celebrities such as Imran Abbas and Adnan Siddiqui, they are now talking to a new demographic, remaining relevant and fresh.

From London to Istanbul, if the latest photoshoots are any measure to judge by, it is clear that Diners is not relenting in its quest for the next great fashion trend. From the latest in international markets to using fashion and entertainment icons, the brand’s hunger to excel is not only unsated, but has in fact only grown stronger.

If you thought finding the right sweater was time consuming, you’re in luck. With stores nationwide at various locations, Diners is not just making quality fashion everyday phenomenon, but is bringing it right to you.

As winter deepens across Pakistan, it’s time to walk brave into that cold day for the ultimate winter purchase from Diners…the sweater you know you want.