Since the government issued a notice to remove most of the billboards across Karachi, agencies have gotten more creative. They now make use of clever innovations with the help of outdoor activations that reel in just as much traction, even more in some cases and helps to build brand loyalty.

Recently in Karachi Group M held a Digital Day, where all the top media and advertising agencies displayed a range of new innovations they are currently working on. Kinetic Pakistan, one of the leading outdoor Media Agency in the country, who has successfully implemented various different activations across the country, was also present. At the event, they gave guests a chance to try out some creative new activations that brands can use.

A fun activation that we got to try out was the ‘Happiness ATM’. A fun way to attract the audience, this machine engaged customers in a fun little activity which then rewarded them. Brands can use this at their outlets, in malls, wherever they think their target audience is, to relay a message or create more awareness.

Another innovation that we experienced was the ‘Smile Bot’. A digital camera screen is set up in a place of interest, where people can gather round and have a picture taken. That picture is immediately transferred to the brand’s page or printed out and given to the audience.

However the main attraction of the day their ‘Scavenger Hunt’. Making use of the CEE App, the hunt brought offline audience online, by asking them to scan different objects. Whether it is a billboard, LCD Screen, a magazine or even something simple like cup, the app can scan anything. Kinetic Pakistan used this technology on Digital Day and organized a Scavenger Hunt. Guests went around the arena scanning objects using their smartphones and received clues. At the end of the day, winners were selected and given prizes.

This innovation can be very useful to brands who dare to do the different. The experience itself will build a strong loyalty with its target audience. Brands, instead of advertising traditionally now have a fun way to engage their audience. Side by side they can relay whatever message they want to send and make sure it stays around for long. The CEE App introduced by Kinetic Pakistan is a highly creatively way to keep people entertained especially now that people get bored and move on to the next attraction very easily.


CEO of Kinetic Pakistan Mr. Ahsan Sheikh was kind enough to share some insights into the digitial OOH and take us through these activations.

Check out the video below.

With the world now going digital, for advertising to have a noticeable impact, it needs to be creative. The attention span of people is now very limited. OOH such as these definitely do make a difference.