Having a strong selfie game is what life is all about these days! Everyone wants to look like a million bucks in photographs and appear all flawless to flaunt on the internet.

For most of us clicking thousands of pictures to get the perfect shot has become the norm. 

We beg our friends to photograph the coolest portraits of us.

Spend hours selecting the perfect shot. 

Then struggle to find the best filter for our pictures to look completely on point! 

However, it is time we realize that candid is the new cool!

We all have become obsessed with portraying perfection on social media. Gone are the days when taking pictures was about capturing memories! Back then nobody cared about getting the right selfie face, the best angle or the layers of edits to get all the likes on social media.

Originality is what you need to dazzle! Bid “goodbye” to fake and say “hello” to your unposed self which showcases your real beauty to the world. Let’s unite to break the myth that beauty is restricted to prim and proper pictures!

#Unpose by Veet is a Total Stunner

Veet’s #Unpose campaign is here to break the shackles society has tied around ankles of Pakistani women. The idea is simple yet brilliant, to bring back the time when no one fussed about angles and poses but just focused on originality and comfortability.

In a sea of fake pictures where smiles are meaningless and memories are short-lived, the brand has made everyone realize that real happiness comes naturally, filter-free and of course when we #Unpose.

Let’s for once take a break from those posed memories and live in the moment! 

Mahira Khan looks as perfect as can be in this #Unpose moment! 

We are loving this candid BTS drama prep picture of Sarah Khan! 

Areeba Habib looks breathtaking in this #Unpose shot!

Hina Altaf’s candid picture is as cute as it can get! 

Miss Veet Pakistan 2017 winner Hira Khan’s candid is goals!

Rubya Chaudhry’s smile in this photograph has won us all!

Women across Pakistan are wholeheartedly embracing the #Upose challenge! 

Sure, posed pictures are great but it’s always the candid ones that capture memories and emotions best! These are the ones that help you revisit special moments and present your true genuine self to the people you share them with. I love that #Veet is encouraging girls to be real on social media with its #Unpose challenge, so we can all ditch the controlled lighting, angles and smiles and instead focus on authenticity – nothing is more beautiful! Here’s my #Unpose from a friend’s wedding across the border! Nominating my besties @k_ali27, @maham_r91 and @nehaqazi to share theirs. To participate in the challenge, visit Veet Pakistan's Facebook page to win weekly gifts and a chance to be on #MissVeetPakistan 🌸 #HameshaReady #JustVeetIt

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All these ladies look so pretty living in the moment!

Whenever I ask someone to take my pictures a few always end up lookong like this, but they never make it to my posey little feed. Lekin tbh I love pictures like these kyun ke they remind me of my raw emotions in that exact moment, in this case, very happy emotions ofc. That’s why I hopped right on board with @veetpakistan #Unpose challenge and am posting the most unposed, grinning ear to ear, actually candid and ‘me’ picture I’ve ever shared with my instafam ❤ I’m further tagging @makeupby.rz & @curlscurves to post their #Unpose pictures and participate in this challenge with me. You all can participate as well to win weekly prizes along with a chance to participate in #MissVeetPakistan by inboxing your unposed pictures to Veet Pakistan’s Facebook Page. C’mon girls, let's unpose! 😍 #HameshaReady #JustVeetIt

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Her facial expression says it all! 

This sister-brother #Unpose makes us want to hug our sibling right now! 

This is a photo with my older brother @muneebhasan who visited us three years ago. Most of you haven't seen him a lot on my feed because he no longer lives in Pakistan 😢. What you also don't know is that he is the brother immediately older than me (I have three older brothers) and the one I was closest to from the older three while growing up. Even though we fought a lot😅 now when I think about all the times we spent together I'm just reminded of the good times when we would lay in bed all night and share gossip from each other's workplaces/schools, or discuss our dreams and plans in life. We grew up, have a kid each mA, but he's still as special to me today. This candid photo of us captures our truest essence, Muneeb either making me laugh over something ridiculous or me doing the same, haha. Posting this for the Veet #Unpose challenge that encourages you to show the world who you really are, beacuse natural is beautiful. Be a part of this to win weekly gifts and a chance to be a part of #MissVeetPakistan. Just go to the Veet Pakistan Facebook page and inbox your unposed pictures to participate. I tag @mariamtarar and @xyzstudies to take the #Unpose challenge on Instagram and share your true beauty with the world! #HameshaReady #JustVeetIt

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So much candid beauty in one frame! 

When you scroll through insta you end up feeling like you are not good enough, or your life is not interesting enough. Trust me WE ALL go through this unhappy feeling where we feel insecure. BUT the person you think has the perfect life really doesn’t! We all hide behind photographs, only putting our best ones up for the world to see. That's why I think the Veet #Unpose challenge is a great initiative. This photo you see is a completely candid me in my natural element and I totally love it! Tell me what you think in the comments below. Also, participate with me in this challenge by inboxing your unposed pictures to Veet Pakistan’s Facebook page to win weekly prizes along with a chance to be on #MissVeetPakistan. I am tagging @yawarsara and @petitestylegram to take the #Unpose challenge next. Remember ladies, you are all beautiful just the way you are!!! #HameshaReady #JustVeetIt

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Here’s how you can also be a part of the #Unpose challenge!

Veet Pakistan has started a contest on their Facebook page where women from across the nation can send in their #Unpose images for a chance to win weekly gift hampers and even be featured on the next season of Miss Veet Pakistan.

For more information about the contest, click here.