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As the 14th of August approaches, all brands rush to up their marketing game to maximize sales for their Azadi campaigns. One such brand is Diamond Supreme, the household name for all things foam-related! However, people are not too happy, or rather, are confused with what the brand wanted to achieve. 

Diamond Supreme’s Azadi Fest

Diamond Supreme’s deal for Azadi weekend is that they are offering 14% off on all mattresses and accessories. To promote this deal, they have designed posts with completely green backgrounds and the date, 14th August. However, what is completely incongruent in the posts, is the model dressed like it’s for a Vogue shoot.

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Take this picture, for instance! Where is the Diamond Supreme item that can be purchased on a sale? Beneath the model’s foot! Many might not even look there or understand that this is an item of Diamond Supreme Foam. 

The Online Debate It Has Sparked

This marketing campaign is now being widely discussed across several social media groups. In one such group called KAMN, this post was discussed and many did not have positive remarks.

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Vogue or Diamond Supreme Foam?

Netizens pointed out that it is unclear what message they’re trying to dispense. Top-notch fashion outfits, looks, and models should not be Diamond Supreme’s concern, marketing the product itself should be. Moreover, even if ‘fashion’ is the memo here, people are appalled by the choice of socks.

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Where Is The Foam?

Many are calling this a failed marketing strategy because where is the foam? The item that would attract people to the brand is sidelined in the picture and made to look secondary to the model. The focus in the picture is on everything but the product.

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The New Take We Can’t Understand?

However, while we may criticize their execution respectfully, we can also try to broaden our minds. For instance, it could be that they aimed to make this ad about strong women. The “Baaghi” tattoo on the shoulder of the model is a nod to the women’s movement against patriarchy. The strong outfit, the incongruent socks, all could be pointing towards a woman who does not want to fit in.

The pillow beneath her feet could also symbolize that she is asserting dominance over household items. The same items and the concept that has been constraining women till now. Thus, they might be symbolizing Azadi of Pakistan with the Azadi of women.

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