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The monsoon spell that hit Karachi last week shook metropolitans to the core. From people losing their lives to helplessly seeing their cars and houses drown, from power shutdowns to water contamination, Karachiites have been through a great deal of trauma and misery lately.

Be it the low daily wagers, the middle-class professionals and businessmen, or the elite class from posh areas like DHA; everyone faced their fair share of challenges. People started calling out the authorities on Social Media platforms, urging them to take action and put an end to their sufferings. #KarachiRains trended on Twitter for days, highlighting the disastrous effects of rain, hoping for the government to step in and take charge finally. However, not much could be achieved.

Yesterday, on September 1, residents of Clifton and DHA stormed the Cantonment Board Clifton’s office, demanding the resignation of incompetent officials. Infuriated over water contamination and accumulation on roads and in their houses, a huge crowd gathered and protested outside the office.


However, today, on September 2, twitter is trending with the DHACares hashtag. DHA Karachi has finally stepped in and has addressed the grievances and concerns of the residents. They held a meeting to devise pragmatic strategies to fix the mess.

DHA Karachi Official tweeted

Hopeful to see a positive change, Karachiites appreciated this initiative and acknowledged the proficiency of the board:

However, some were skeptical of the actions that are taken and will be taken by the board shortly.

And some posted videos to highlight the pathetic condition of their streets and cried for help:

Karachiites Are Still Angry:

Others, however, held the board accountable and continued questioning the competency of DHA and CBC. Who is answerable for the loss encountered by Karachiites at the hands of these incompetent powerful elites? This is one of the many questions that lurk over our heads.

The financial hub of the country plunged in rainwater remained unaddressed for days. This puts a question mark on the competency and integrity of the authorities. How much damage will it take to remove the blindfold off their eyes?

People took their anger on Twitter and commented:


Anyhow, the authorities have finally broken their silence on the matter. They have stepped in to address the problems and obstacles that the residents of DHA have encountered over five days. The residents have been assured that the matter is now being taken care of, and swift actions will be taken, especially for those whose houses are still submerged in rainwater and sewerage.

Although this seems to be a ray of hope for the residents, the question ‘why did it take DHA so long to start caring finally’ remains unanswered and is probably meant to remain unanswered forever.

Do you support the DHACares hashtag? Is this an attempt to shush the residents, or is the DHA board concerned? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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