The year 2018 so far has been all about sports! We saw the 3rd addition of PSL followed by CommonWealth games where we secured 1 gold and 4 bronze medals! But, who could forget Mountain Dew’s #DewMotoExtreme, the event that painted the town green?

From time to time, our sportsmen have amazed us, be it in securing the fastest century or taking the most wickets, they have always left us in awe !This time around, we witnessed something more grand, more adventurous and more extreme.

Say hello to FMX Bikers Dallan Goodman, Fregric ‘Frog Bergen aka Froggy, and Nick Di Witt!

The boys who successfully managed to give their largest audience goosebumps within seconds

This trio worked their magic in the ‘City of Lights’ making sure to leave an unforgettable impression the audience. With speed, flawless agility, and passion for the sport, they went all out to provide an evening of entertainment and adrenaline!

Also, a big and warm thanks to Didi Bazaro who is also a part of the grand performances.

The quad squad showed us their pro skills on the ground as they raced and manoeuvred their bikes with agility, flinging themselves in the air and pulling off the unimaginable!

This thrilling performance was followed by a phenomenal jamming session with Call-The Band!

The party continued at ‘The City of Gardens’, Lahore where excitement, eagerness, and adventure awaited the sports enthusiasts.

The hot and happening dapper ‘dewd’, Feroze Khan, also showed the crowd his biker-boy look at the moto show!


The show came to the city, and conquered hearts of thousands once again!

Well done boys! We cannot wait to see you setting the track on fire yet again.

What do you want to see Mountain Dew do next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!