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Dewan Farooque Motors Limited (DFML) has announced its entry into the electric vehicle (EV) market. Following its decision to resume production of the “Special Purpose Kia Commercial Vehicle,” Kia Shehzore, DFML plans to start manufacturing EVs under a new agreement. This news was shared with the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), marking a transformative phase for the company and the industry.

Strategic Collaboration with ECO-Green Motors Limited

DFML has partnered with ECO-Green Motors Limited (EGML) to produce EGML’s electric vehicle, the Honri-VE. Under this toll manufacturing agreement, DFML will use its facilities to produce the Honri-VE, designed by EGML. The Honri-VE, with a range of 200km to 300km, is set to start production in August 2024.

Electric vehicle: DFML enters into agreement with EGML to manufacture Honri- VE - Business & Finance - Business Recorder
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This collaboration places DFML at the forefront of EV manufacturing in Pakistan. It showcases DFML’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, aligning with global trends towards greener automotive solutions. By leveraging its manufacturing strengths, DFML aims to play a crucial role in the adoption of EVs in Pakistan, where there is growing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles.

Re-entry into the Commercial Vehicle Market

DFML also plans to make a significant impact in the commercial vehicle sector. The company has resumed production of the Kia Shehzore, a special-purpose commercial vehicle, with a launch ceremony set for June 4, 2024. This marks DFML’s re-entry into the commercial vehicle market, aiming to meet consumer needs with robust and reliable offerings.

The announcement regarding the Kia Shehzore was communicated to the Pakistan Stock Exchange, with DFML expressing gratitude and optimism. “By the grace of Almighty Allah, we have resumed commercial production of the Special Purpose Kia Commercial Vehicle, Kia Shehzore. Its roll-out and launch ceremony is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation,” the company stated.

Enhancing Pakistan’s Automotive Landscape

DFML’s strategic moves signify a broader vision to enhance Pakistan’s automotive landscape. By embracing both traditional and electric vehicle manufacturing, DFML is positioning itself as a versatile and forward-thinking player in the industry. The production of the Honri-VE not only expands DFML’s portfolio but also contributes significantly to Pakistan’s sustainable development goals.

As DFML prepares for these launches, the automotive industry and consumers eagerly anticipate the impact of these advancements. With the production of the Honri-VE and the relaunch of the Kia Shehzore, DFML is set to drive significant change in the market, paving the way for a more sustainable and diverse automotive future in Pakistan.

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