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The Coronavirus pandemic has spread rapidly throughout the world. What began in China has now caused worldwide distress! In these trying times, it is difficult for brands to market their products and complete strategies are put into place to tackle the situation.

Dettol, however, has shined out from the rest after it introduced a ‘Dettol TikTok Challenge’ known as #HandWashChallenge in India to encourage more people to wash their hands in order to fight COVID-19. The challenge has become extremely popular in just four days, receiving a whopping 8.7 billion views.

Dettol’s TikTok challenge reads:

“Join hands with Dettol and take the #HandWashChallenge to spread awareness on how to wash hands!”


The challenge is fun to do and can be danced out as it has steps to wash the hands mentioned in the unique song. As seen below in renowned actress, Urvashi Rautela’s TikTok video, the green Dettol strip at the top displays the 4 Steps to wash the hands and challenge takers can dance accordingly. People can then share the challenge with their friends.


@urvashirautelaWash Hands and Stay Cool ##HandWashChallenge @dettol_india♬ Hand Washing Song – Viruss

Heartthrob, Kartik Aryan also joined the bandwagon and sent out the message “Please hand wash Karona!” to his fans!


@dettol_india##HandWashChallenge please hand wash karona♬ original sound – Dettol India

The brand has taken a simple WHO guideline and created a buzz around it through a clever marketing tactic. At the same time, the brand has played an enormous part in creating awareness on Handwashing that is a critical need at this time during the pandemic.

With over 8.7 billion views for this challenge, Dettol has surpassed E.l.f. Cosmetics that crossed 1.7 billion views in a week for its own challenge on TikTok last October. E.l.f was one of the first brands to create its own song for a challenge. In 4 days, other brands have received millions or hundreds of millions of views at the same time but no brand has received such a huge number to date.

The #HandWashChallenge has caught the eye of popular TikToker’s and various influencers each having a huge number of followers. This has in turn aided the challenge to become a trend in the past few days.

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