Asim Jofa
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Asim Jofa, the renowned fashion designer has stepped into unfamiliar territory and it’s related to the pandemic. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

The Launch of ‘AsimJofaCares’

The designer has moved towards a new initiative this year in lieu of the pandemic we suffer together. AsimJofa Cares on Instagram is a new venture which creates items for sanitising and personal care for people, with a designer label. There are a variety of products one can choose from and they’re all used around the house!

Have A Look!

Now you can have the designer label marking your shelves or yourself in a different way. Have a look at some of the items AsimJofa cares have launched so far. 


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Continuing From The PPE Times

Asim Jofa became the advisor for PPE quality control by the Sindh Health Minister Dr. Azra Pechuho in June of 2020. Jofa had been one of those steadfast designers from the local fashion industry who extended a helping hand in mitigating the effects of the pandemic. The shortage in the PPE suits created more problems and designers stepped forth to help, Jofa being one of them.


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Even in AsimJofa Cares bio, it has been mentioned that this pursuit to help the country started with the PPE suits initiative and perhaps has led the designer here. But are we all that impressed?

One Thing Is Not Like The Other

While it is totally commendable that Jofa stepped forth to create PPEs for his country at a time of shortage, the new line is anything but. It seems like every who’s who of Pakistan’s attempt at cashing in on the pandemic. Is there any shortage of surface cleaners or masks or sanitisers?

Every brand has felt the need to make one only because they think it is more relevant right now, this is what we can cash on! However, Jofa has said that all proceeds will be used to fight COVID-19.

The Details Get Interesting

Most of the products are priced within the range of PKR 500. Though the prices are not outrageously expensive, they are on the pricier side. That is especially a concern when Asim Jofa also has not been transparent about the process.

It is a common habit nowadays to take already manufactured detergents and bottle them into fancier packaging with a different label to charge a higher price. Has Asim Jofa started a new factory to manufacture his products or converted his old one?

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