desi men highlight all the chores they love doing
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A progressive society is one that does not pressure people into specific roles based on gender and allows everyone to function well. This means that a male should not only be associated with outdoor chores and a female with indoor ones. It should be considered okay for a person to do both indoor and outdoor work, irrespective of their gender. That said, in a post gone viral, many desi men are highlighting the ways they do chores and home and contribute at home.

It is quite a wholesome moment to see that people do not shy away from household chores, that many consider to be tiresome. Of course, there can always be something about household chores a person does not like, but that does not meant that the chores cannot be done. In fact, so many people have stepped up to highlight all that they do around the house instead of just sitting.

doing household chores and desi men
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Desi Men Doing Chores

Some of the chores that were highlighted in the post were,

  • Buying groceries
  • Cooking food on weekends
  • Getting garbage out
  • Washing the car
  • Cleaning clothes in washing machine and put them to dry out.
  • Cleaning bathroom weekly
  • Change bed sheets
  • Making juice in the morning for loved ones
  • Bring in dried clothes, fold them and collect them at one place so they are easier to sort.
  • And many more.

Of course, a lot of these tasks are quite general ones and they should not be praised just for doing these tasks. However, it must be pointed out that it certainly shows progression from when desi men decide to sit home and expect everyone else to work. Among those people, these people are the ones who are setting good examples by contributing to their share of the house.

desi men doing things around the house
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Equality Is Important

For many, it was refreshing to see that desi men are contributing to household chores just like anyone else. Of course, there are always those who bring a negative space to a positive one, and you can find them on wholesome posts like these too. That said, we should never discourage someone for doing something nice, kind or wholesome that the society considers otherwise.

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