DESCON Engineering Limited and World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan  (WWF-Pakistan) will collaborate to clean the plastic-garbage from the Waste-Water Channels all over the city of Lahore. During the initial phase, a prototype solution is being designed, including the construction and installation of this recovery system, to ensure effective cleansing of all these drains. For this purpose, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two companies at the WWF-Pakistan Head office.

As per the MoU, Descon Engineering will work to provide a simple, cost-effective and scalable solution, which will be easy to operate and replicate all over the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Taimur Saeed CEO Descon Engineering stated, “As Pakistan’s leading engineering and infrastructure-development company, we are pleased to enter in to this collaboration with a resourceful global agency like the ‘World Wildlife Fund’, and ensure a sustainable environment for the future. This initiative promises long-term ecological benefits by making our cities free of plastic-waste. We take pride in this first-of-its-kind solution in Pakistan and are committed to playing our part to contribute positively towards the wellbeing of the country.”

Hammad Naqi Khan Director General WWF-Pakistan said, “As Pakistan is already suffering the negative impacts of climate change and environmental degradation, we must come together to restore the ecological balance for a healthier, progressive and sustainable future. We are pleased to get the operational and technical support of a company like Descon Engineering for this valuable project. We believe that Descon has extensive experience in building mega projects and will prove to be an effective partner for this infrastructure maintenance and restoration project.”

Founded in 1977, Descon has achieved multi-national growth, over the years, by consistently expanding its operations, all over the Middle-East and South-African regions. DESCON is investing billions of Dollars across major industrial sectors like: Power, Construction, Oil-Refineries and Chemicals. With a vision for Sustainable development and wellbeing of the nation, this company is providing better healthcare, education and socio-economic empowerment of the masses, besides providing employment to the Pakistani workforce.