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Often it happens that people assume deodorants and antiperspirants to be the same thing. As a result, they use it interchangeably. None is harmful to an ordinary person given that they do not have any diseases. If they have any medical condition, they should definitely get a doctor’s prescription first.

Anyway, as I was saying, people do use it interchangeably but the two products are different. And if you use the product knowing the true purpose of each, you will be more at ease.

What’s the difference?

You sweat all the time, especially after a shower. Why? Because you cleared the obstructed sweat pores. 10 minutes after the shower you will start sweating. And sweat has an odor. Deodorant neutralizes or masks that odor. Where antiperspirants are concerned, they help you control sweat itself, regulate it. So if you are sweating less, then less odor. How is that? Also, aside from regulating sweat, it also helps to mask the odor.

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What to choose, deodorants?

But how do you decide what to choose? To make this decision you need to know the ingredients in antiperspirant which makes it different from deodorants. It is none other than Aluminum. So if you do not sweat much or sweat is something you can choose to ignore on a certain day, then you should go for deodorants. However, if sweaty underarms are an issue; for instance on the first day of a job you want to make an impression at, then go for aluminum laced antiperspirants.

As you can see, protection for both is different. Because of the added ingredient, antiperspirant is able to give you longer services. But regardless of what you choose, both products will keep you fresh and light all day.

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Few last words

It is recommended that you find out the product best suited to your needs because, in the end, it is you who knows your body the most.

Just one more thing, I have seen most people apply deodorants and antiperspirants to their clothes. Don’t do that! That’s for perfumes. Apply deodorants and antiperspirants only on the skin, which is often restricted to underarms.

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