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Pakistan’s automobile scene is both challenging and diversified. Among the many options available to the discriminating automobile consumer, the Toyota Fortuner Legender is a shining example of rugged sophistication. But obstacles beset even the strongest of giants.

This article explores the top five problems that the Fortuner Legender faces when exploring through Pakistan and which might make you re-think your decision of buying one in the first place.

SUVs in Pakistan
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Less Than Ideal Situation For The Fortuner In Pakistan

The automobile market in Pakistan has seen a huge growth in the past couple of years, introducing new competitors and options for the driving public. But if the person is to stand out from the crowd, Pakistani’s have made it a pattern of showing off their status via their vehicles. Vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Revo are a testament to that, they clear up roads like a shark swimming in the ocean with fishes making way.

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In the current market, as it stands, there are limited options when it comes down to getting an SUV with 4×4 off-roading capabilities. And unless you like driving an uncomfortable glorified Suzuki Carry pick-up, which is the Revo or D-Max, your best option is to opt for the Land Cruiser. But with the hefty price tag of 12 Crore!

It’s not the ideal vehicle that comes to mind. Well the other alternative option you have which is comparatively budget-friendly, the Toyota Fortuner line-up. Only costing you 1/6th of the price of the Land Cruiser for the highest variant model, this vehicle surely proves its worth both on-road and off-road. But not everything that glitters is gold, the vehicle albeit the only budget option available, has a couple of drawbacks.

Issues With The Toyota Fortuner Line-Up

Even though you’ll be able to stand-out in the crowd and easily navigate any terrain, the Fortuner Legender is plagued with issues which have not been resolved since the original Fortuner line-up was introduced in Pakistan since 2017. Here are a couple of major issues with the 4×4 vehicle:

  1. Bumpy Trails: The suspension of a car is its silent workhorse; it plays a crucial role in mitigating the bumps and jolts experienced during off-road excursions. Critics have deemed the suspension system of the Legender, despite its sturdy body, as overly stiff, leading to a degraded ride quality. This stiffness can be particularly unpleasant on Pakistan’s rough terrain, necessitating a fully loaded truck to lessen the discomfort.
  2. The Climb Aboard: Any decent SUV should have high ground clearance, and the Legender delivers. However, some passengers may find it difficult to access the car because the second row lacks grab handles. This is a user experience issue that could be easily fixed to improve accessibility.
  3. A Glimpse Of The Sky: The Legender is one of the few crossovers without even a basic sunroof in a time where panoramic sunroofs are becoming standard. More than just a luxury, having a sunroof gives you a view to the outside world and gives many drivers a sense of freedom and openness.
  4. Quest For Comfort: The Legender‘s voyage starts off promisingly comfortable, but its seat cushioning causes a problem. Owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of lumbar support and the poor padding. Long trips may become an endurance challenge due to this ergonomic design error, leaving passengers wishing for more comfortable seats.
  5. Spatial Dilemma: Room is a luxury, and when it comes to SUVs, versatility is essential. Although they are practical, the third-row seats on the Legender fold in an awkward way that takes up valuable cargo room. This design decision stands in stark contrast to other models, whose folding seats reveal ample storage options.

The Toyota Fortuner Legender‘s voyage across Pakistan is evidence of its flexibility and tenacity. Though it towers over its contemporaries, innovation and criticism are what make the road to perfection paved. The vehicle’s development will hopefully this time take into account the feedback from its customers as Toyota proceeds along this path, pointing the vehicle in the direction of an even more legendary future.

Stay tuned for more automotive reviews like these; this is your soon-to-be favorite friendly neighborhood gearhead Zayaan, Signing Off!