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[Update]: Uncertainty has become the new normal these days. Unfortunately, it has also affected the field of education. The government takes one decision, and COVID is always around the corner to change that. It has happened once again. You would recall that Shafqat Mehmood had taken the decision regarding exams for classes 9 to 11. It was being said that this was final. Well, not anymore.

It was announced yesterday by the Federal government that seeing the current situation of the pandemic, instead of all exams, classes 9 to 12 will give exams for electives. For classes 9 and 10, the exam subjects are the electives and mathematics; 4 subjects. Classes 11 and 12, will also be required to give exams for optional subjects.

But Sindh Government had a differing opinion. Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani announced that Shafqat Mahmood’s decision will not be followed in the province. He also mentioned that for Sindh, the exam schedule will be out in a few days.

[May 6th, 2021]:

Shafqat Mahmood Announces Final Decision On Exams For Classes 9 and 11

After the meeting held by the Steering Committee IBCC, it was proposed that classes 9 and 11 be promoted this year without exams while classes 10 and 12 sit for it. But Inter-Provincial Education Ministers still had to approve it. The proposal has been rejected clearly considering the recent tweet by the Federal Minister of Education, Shafqat Mahmood.

Decision for Classes 9 and 11

According to the tweet, exams for classes 9 and 11 will take place according to the set schedule. No exam cancellation has been approved.

[May 5th, 2021]:

These Classes Might Be Promoted Without Exams Again This Year

Last year, in April, it was announced that for the academic year 2020-2021, students will not be promoted without exams. This announcement came after students were promoted exactly in this way for the year 2019-2020. But now, with the pandemic still widely affecting the world, the education policies for the ongoing year are becoming affected as well.

Grades 9 and 11

With students and parents scared of the pandemic and the rising cases, the government might impose last year’s policy yet again. Of course, the difference this time would be that last year all exams were canceled but this time it will only be for grades 9 and 11. This should be noted though that no decision has been finalized as of yet. The matter is still in talks.

IBCC steering committee

The Steering Committee of the IBCC (Inter Board Committee of Chairmen) had a meeting chaired by Dr. Nazim Jiva, Chairman of Aga Khan Board and Head of the Steering Committee. At first, it was proposed to only conduct optional exams but given how the field of Arts has lots of optional subjects, it was not feasible.

So the next proposal was to promote grades 9 and 11 while making grades 10 and 12 sit the exam. This still needs to be approved by Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference.

[22nd April 2020]:

Students to Not be Promoted Without Exams: New Education Policy for 2020-2021 is Out!

On Tuesday, a notice has been issued by Sindh Education Department that says that private and government colleges’ academic year will start from June 1.

As far as schools that are based in Cambridge will most likely begin from the 1st of August. New education policy comes forward as the authorities dismiss the idea of promoting students without prior exams.

Classes 1-3 are planned to be promoted based on written tests and assessments. From classes 4-8, examinations will be conducted from 1-15th June.

The admission for class 9 will begin on June 1 and end on June 10. The education department further announced that results for class 9 will be released within 60 days and for class 10 by the 15th of August.

Classes 11 and 12 will begin on the 6th of July, while the results will be out on the 15th of September while for grade 11 results will be out after 60 days.

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Update (13th March 2020):

Islamabad: Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood said on Friday that all educational institutes will remain closed throughout the country till April 5, 2020, on the same day that Pakistan reported its 21st coronavirus case.

Moreover, the federal minister has mentioned that the situation will further be examined on March 27.

“The situation regarding the closure of all educational institutions in the country would be reviewed by the Ministry of Education on 27th March and further decisions taken,” he said.

Following the federal government’s decision of closure, the Punjab government also shut down its schools till April 5.

The  Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas said: “Due to the Pandemic Coronavirus Schools in Punjab will be closed starting Sunday, March 15th, 2020 to Sunday, April 5, 2020.”

However, as announced by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, all institutes throughout the province will remain closed till May 15.

Adding on to the closure of schools, KP leadership has also directed that all public gatherings/events will be banned.

Meanwhile, the Sindh government has announced extending the closure of educational institutions till May 30th.

Update (2nd March 2020):

All educational institutes across Sindh will remain closed as a part of the preventive measure against any possible spread of the deadly coronavirus.

According to an official handout released on Thursday, government and private educational institutions in the province will reopen on the 13th of March 2020.

The official handout reads:

All the Public and Private Educational Institutions under the administrative control of School Education and Literacy Department, Sindh shall remain closed from 27th of February, 2020 for preventive measures taken on account of the appearance of an unexpected case of coronavirus and shall reopen on Monday,

The Sindh Government has announced to keep all private and government schools closed on the 27th and 28th of February.

According to reports, the announcement came after the news of the first two confirmed Coronavirus cases has surfaced last night.

Zafar Mirza, public health advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted on Wednesday, February 26, days after Islamabad closed its land border with Iran, where 19 people have died from the virus.

I can confirm the first two cases of coronavirus in Pakistan. Both cases are being taken care of according to clinical standard protocols & both of them are stable. No need to panic, things are under control“, tweeted health advisor Zafar Mirza.

According to the southern Sindh province’s health department stated that the first positive case was reported in Karachi in a 22-year-old male with a “history of travel to Iran where he has acquired the virus.”

Coronavirus Pakistan: First Two Confirmed Cases Surface!

School extension in Sindh denied for the time being

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, schools all around the world have closed down for a longer period of time. However, that’s not the case in Pakistan. Some schools and universities are still open despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Analyzing the current situation in Sindh, the Chinese Consul General in Karachi, Li Bijian, on Wednesday has advised authorities in Sindh to extend the closure of schools and halt gatherings in Karachi after a spike in coronavirus cases were reported.

“The local Government of Sindh shall be advised to take more strong preventive measures including calling off big gatherings and extension of the closing of the schools to save more lives,” said Li in a tweet on Wednesday.

Here’s the tweet!

The diplomat urged the Sindh government to take the action as the spread of the virus was quick and actual.

Karachi has been the worst affected city so far, with 15 of the total 20 confirmed cases.

Directors of private and government schools, the secretary of schools, the secretary of colleges, the BSEK chairperson, and the inter-board chairperson attended the meeting.

The number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ infections in Pakistan has risen to 20 after Gilgit-Baltistan reported its second patient on Wednesday.

Karachi has been the worst affected city so far, with 15 of the total confirmed cases. Of the remaining, two cases have been reported in Gilgit-Baltistan and one case has been reported each in Islamabad, Hyderabad, and Quetta.

International schools closed down for longer period

Schools in different countries have been advised to remain closed until further notice. The Washing State Government has all school districts and the same has been advised in Denmark as well, as instructed by the Denmark Prime Minister.

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