In Pakistan on March 6, in order to promote digital inclusion and have a positive socioeconomic impact on the deaf community in Pakistan, Kingfisher has teamed with DeafTawk, a business scaled under Pakistan’s top accelerator program Jazz xlr8, which is dedicated to improving the lives of deaf people. Both organizations’ collaboration was facilitated through GSMA, a group that advocates for mobile network providers globally.
Through this cooperation, Kingfisher will annually deliver smartphones to Pakistan’s underserved deaf community, allowing them to stay in touch with the outside world and take advantage of job opportunities. This program will support millions of deaf people in overcoming communication obstacles, realizing their full potential, and contributing to society.

By providing the newest pre-owned gadgets that give mobile ownership an experience of unmatched freedom and flexibility, Kingfisher is reinventing the mobile experience economy. Kingfisher is exhibiting its dedication to fostering positive social change and advancing digital inclusion in Pakistan by working with DeafTawk.
The Ministry of IT & Telecom Pakistan has offered to give this effort it’s unflinching backing, and Jazz, Pakistan’s top digital operator, has promised to provide the required logistical support. With Jazz’s help, DeafTawk also provided sign language interpretation services at the Mobile World Conference 2023 (MWC23 Barcelona), the most important industry event for the connectivity sector, to ensure that the deaf population throughout the world could attend for the second year in a row.

Ali Shabbir, CEO of DeafTawk, spoke about the collaboration “To better the lives of the deaf in Pakistan, we are thrilled to collaborate with Kingfisher. We will seek to help Pakistan’s 9 million deaf people achieve socioeconomic development with the help of the GSMA, Jazz, and the Ministry of ICT & Communication.”

DeafTawk and Kingfisher’s collaboration is a significant step towards advancing digital inclusion and building a more inclusive society in Pakistan.